A Child Crossed a River

I want to open this edition with the words of Rev. Dr. David Vasquez-Levy:

A child crossed a river, against the law, as his mother sought desperately to protect his life.  On the other side, Pharoah’s daughter saw the child, heard his cry, and was moved to act.  She enacted what God would later do—“for I have heard the cry of my people… and I have come to deliver them.” 

Dr. Vasquez-Levy wrote those words as the introduction to an Open Letter on the Separation of Families at Border presented last month on World Refugee Day at the 100th Anniversary Biennial of the Association of Theological Schools by the three caucuses of Presidents and Deans from the Latino/a, African-American, and Asian Descent.

The story he wrote is not just a current event story or a political story. It is a Biblical story. And I am moved and encouraged by the number of you who are acting out your faith by taking action and speaking out this past year and month for immigration justice. Thank you for all you are doing to protest the dehumanization and abuse of humans old and young who are made in the image of God.

The need continues as we press for family reunification, a compassionate overhaul of our immigration system, and justice for the global policies to reduce the violence and desperation that makes the marginalized vulnerable.

We will be taking a special offering at church to support the work of the Interfaith Movement for Immigration Justice – IMIrJ – here in Oregon.

You can also endorse and share the letter yourself. It is linked above.

As the authors wrote, “history has taught us that standing idly by as one group is targeted has dire consequences.  We unapologetically renounce the evil embodied in the racism—both overt in actions and implicit in silence–that animates our current policies.”

Last Friday, I joined the #FastForFamilies, abstaining from food for 20 hours to pray for all the Latinx clergy and spiritual leaders I know, as well as those I know by name who are working across the country for immigration justice. I prayed Psalm 20 for them and for us all. But I changed the final line:

Give victory to the people, Adonai,

Answer us when we call.

Though the challenges can feel overwhelming, the love and strength God gives to answer the call go deeper than we can imagine.

In Christ,

~Rev. Christina