“In these bodies we will live,

In these bodies we will die.

Where you invest your love,

You invest your life.”

“Awake, My Soul” — Mumford & Sons

Or, as Jesus says in his Sermon on the Mount, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21

Between now and Easter, I invite you to invest in the transforming potential of the season of Lent. Here are three ways you are invited to make that investment this year:

  1. Groups or Families are invited to pick one of the Contemporary Stations of the Cross  to reflect on and create a simple “station” for our Holy Week experience together. We’d love to have 8 groups, and we need a few more, so check them out and let me know.
  2. Use the Reflections on Prayer 2019 (Week 1-3; Week 4-6) resource by the Illustrated Children’s Ministry. Though this is designed for families with children and youth, even adults with no children at home have found the prompts helpful. And… coloring pages! A meditative practice handy in waiting rooms, at sidelines, or any time you would like to focus.
  3. Integrate a practice of prayer, fasting, and/or almsgiving as way to clear out some room in your life to remember or reclaim your identity as Beloved Child of God and your citizenship in the Kin-dom of HeavenA Guide to Lent 2019 offers some ideas.

In our worship experiences, and in the prayers we offer you to use at home and at work, we’ll be traveling between two mountains: between the Sermon on the Mount that in Matthew begins Jesus’ teaching career and Golgotha where he is ultimately killed by the Roman state, and then beyond that to the Mount where Jesus meets his disciples on the other side of death, giving them a mission and a promise that he is with them even to the ends of the Earth.

Throughout this season, groups and families will be working on interpreting a contemporary Stations of the Cross, which will be installed during Holy Week so others can experience them. This is a way to co-create a shared journey toward Resurrection

It all begins this Ash Wednesday, March 6. Come either to Ashes-to-Go, from 7-9 a.m. in the parking lot, or the evening service at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary, or both. Discern, pray, or meditate – how is the Spirit calling you to keep this sacred season? (And if you need help discerning, I’m happy to be a sounding board.

For these next 40 days, we invite you to clear out some room in your life to grow in following Jesus’ Way of Radical Love. 

Come Holy Week, we will have opportunities to share in community the gifts of growth we’ve received.

Blessed to be journeying with you on this Way,

~Rev. Christina