Laundry Love


A year ago we started sponsoring a “Laundry Love” event . Church members hand out all the quarters people need over a three-hour period, and provide a party-like atmosphere, with music performed by a homeless man and lots of warm conversation with church members.


Henry’s Laundromat, behind Ashland Cinema on Ashland Street


Second Saturday of each month, 1-4 pm.


Read about it in the Ashland Daily Tidings.

***Read an update to this powerful program.***

GRANTS/DONATIONS are gratefully accepted:

Laundry Love is a remarkable program offering laundry service, money, soap and fabric softener, to people in need.  Each second Saturday of the month, roughly 10-15 volunteers, converge on Henry’s Laundromat in Ashland, to visit and share food and conversation with folks needing to get their laundry done.  Each time, we serve approximately 50 people, spending about $500.  Funding for the project came from grants and donations from congregation members and a growing number of business sponsors.  These cash contributions do not cover the food shared at the event.  Individual donors prepare soup, rice, etc. to share and the people are definitely hungry.  There are some repeat customers each month and always there are new folks.  Many of the people served have jobs and need clean clothes.  In addition to the cash and food, donated clothes are also shared.  These clothes are donated by individuals and other nonprofits and are available free of charge to people served.  Your grant or donation is crucial to the success of Laundry Love.  As T-Bone shared, when Laundry Love was created, people might treat him more human if his clothes were clean.  Interviews go better and work goes better when people have clean clothes.  Thanks for your support.