Team leaders: Bob Jessop and Elizabeth Fitting

Adult Education Team

Our Mission and Vision

Because we believe that an active and inquiring mind is an essential part of the process of faith development, and that it is our God-given nature to ask questions and critically examine the world around us in all its mystery and complexity, we seek to encourage study, discussion and exploration as a part of our regular religious practice. We see our role as essentially brokers, bringing together the seekers with the people, materials and situations that may lead them to answers.

Our Guiding Principles

The United Church of Christ is historically rooted in teaching and learning, and has always taught that faith and reason are partners, not opponents. We are a community rich in teachers and seekers. We like to say that we don’t check our minds at the church door.

Our Focus

We seek to provide a varied Adult Education program that provides opportunities for learning and sharing in which we explore various bodies of knowledge, traditions, and subjects in order to promote personal growth and deepen spiritual consciousness. An important focus is on the teachings of Jesus and how we can live those teachings.

Candle Light by Brad Roupp

Candle Light
by Brad Roupp