9/28/14 – “Faith Under Construction” by Rev. Diane K. HoogeSermons

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For most of my life I’ve taken water for granted except on my grandparent’s ranch, located on the Mojave Desert in Lancaster, CA. As a child I was well aware of the anxiety of the adults in my family regarding the well– “THE well”. The well had a pump outside of it that channeled water to my grandparent’s home.

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9/14/15 – “Advice from the In-Law” by Rev. Diane K. HoogeSermons

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In order to fully appreciate all the dynamics that are a part of the setting and scene of this scripture from Exodus we need to back up and review an earlier piece of the story. Jethro, the priest of Midian, who is Moses’ father-in-law, has just escorted his daughter Zipporah and his grandsons, back to be reunited with Moses. They met at the wilderness site where Moses was camped at Sinai.

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9/7/14 – “Let the Bush Burn” by Rev. Diane K. HoogeSermons

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In order to better understand the story of Moses, we need to back up to chapter two of Exodus which gives us some key background information. Moses was raised as the adopted son within the ruling family of Egypt. He was denied the family and cultural connections with his own family of origin. Moses was raised under the influence of the finest Egyptian palace educators, but he failed to find a place of belonging.

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8/17/14 – “Discovering the Other” by Rev. Diane K. HoogeSermons

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We’re called over and over again to expand our vision to include those who don’t fit into the norms…our norms. The great healing power of the Spirit is its capacity to change us and to expand our ability to open ourselves to the other. It’s the interior work that we do in accepting the various parts of ourselves that often determines how we will embrace another.

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7/13/14 – “Costly Stew” by Rev. Diane K. hoogeSermons

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When my grandmother died many years ago, some of her children and spouses gathered to sift and sort through 90 years of saved letters, documents and a lifetime of gathered keepsakes. In the sorting, came the shocking discovery of some family secrets. One of her daughter-in-laws discovered the adoption papers of a grandchild.

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