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This is Members-Only Access:

  • Your OnLine Church Directory
  • Your profile information, with edit capability
  • Access to your Giving & Pledging history
  • Access to Online giving
  • Access to find/email groups (tags)
  • Viewing of the Church Calendar, color coded by type of event.

Everyone who is currently active in our Directory, including all Members and active Friends of our Church, will receive an invitation from Breeze to activate their account by setting their User ID and password. The church office has no record of these. If you loose your User ID/password, you may request an update from Breeze, based on your email, or we can re-invite you.


Your menu choices (upper right):

  • My Profile–Update your profile information and that of your family. Click on each header to edit its content.
    • If you are a member, your first name will be followed by an asterisk (*). Please do not remove it.
    • Click on header for “Contact”
      • Allows you to add/correct home, mobile, and work phone. If we have your mobile phone, we are able to do a mass text to notify you if church is cancelled due to a weather event, e.g.
      • Phone #s should be entered as xxx-xxx-xxxx, without the prefix of “1-“. When accessed from your smart phone, this allows direct dial from this directory.
      • Be sure to include your address. When accessed from your smart phone, you can map the address on your phone’s gps.
    • Click on header “Main”
      • Fill in the blanks
      • Add your Birth date & Anniversary date. These can be used for the newsletter to remember your special day!
    • Click on “Education/Work”
      • For yourself, provide Employer & Role (if retired, put the Role you were last in)
    • Click on “Emergency Contact” header
      • Provide us with name, relationship, phone of someone to call in an emergency
    • Upload your picture by clicking on your icon/image.
      • Don Wilson may already have uploaded an image. You may replace that by clicking on the picture and uploading your own picture.
      • We will provide opportunities during the social hour to have your picture taken and uploaded for you.
    • Click on “Family”
      • You can upload your  family picture under Header “Family”
      • Add your children, including finding child already in the system or creating new person.
        • For your child, fill in, as above.
        • Provide school & grade: it will automatically update on June 15th. This will help us to identify graduates each June and when our youth should receive bibles, e.g. And we can group our youth by school, age, and/or grades.
    • If any of the information in “Church Info” is incorrect, please notify the Church office to update.
    • If you have questions on any of the above, please ask Linda Anderson for help.
  • People–Your online directory. Search for other members for their contact information.
    • “Ghost entries” exist for couples with different last names–they do not link to anyone, but help with identification of couples in the directory having different last names.
    • With your smart phone app, you can phone or map from the app.
  • Tags–these are Groups–you can email members of a group
    • Neighborhood Groups–email YOUR Neighborhood group with a BCC:
    • Council/Teams–you can email the (co)chairs of various teams
  • Events–our calendars–in the upper right
    • There are 3 colored circles–click on which you want, or all 3:
      • Main–Church Services (green)
      • Church Activities (orange)
      • Community Events (grey)
    • You cannot add or edit events–email the church office for that.
    • You can also view the calendar by week or by day.
    • To print a part of the calendar, go to the website page, which is fed from the Breeze calendar:
  • $ Give Now–allows you to make an online donation (one time or repeating)
    • by eCheck or Credit/Debit Card of any amount to:
      • General Fund (this is unpledged offering)
      • Laundry Love
      • Good Sam
      • Taize
      • Tithes & Offering (this is payment against your pledge)
    • You can have a single gift that includes funding to multiple accounts;
    • Note: For credit cards, costs are 2.9%+$.30; for eChecks, costs are 1% + $.25. Costs are incurred by the Church.
    • You can easily revise/delete your online giving at any time.
    • You will receive an email every time your online donation is made.
    • We recommend against weekly or by-weekly gifts, as that incurs additional fees.
    • Note: Linda Anderson, Harley King, and Deeann Everson have all been giving on-line, should you have any questions of them.
  • More–> Help? and all sorts of  documentation

Now that you are up and running Breeze, spice it up with:

Church at your fingertips!

Download the free app on your smart phone or tablet to have all your church info in your pocket wherever you go:

  • App Name: “Breeze chms”
  • When you open the first time, the Church Name is: “Ashland UCC”
  • Enter your User ID & Password


Who can see my profile information?

Only part of your profile (what you can see of others is what they can see of you) is viewable by everyone with log-on to this site. The Office and Clergy and Congregational Care Chair can see all of your profile information.

Who can see my pledging/giving to the church?

Only the Treasurer (Lucy Strasburg), Financial Secretary (Harley King) and Site Admins (Linda Anderson, and Tege Phillips) have access to this information.

People who have left the church or have died are not shown in Breeze. Do you retain their information?

Indeed we do. The Clergy and Office can see everyone, including visitors and folks who have asked to receive the eWeekly and those who have moved or died.

Can I add to the Calendar?

No, only the office can add to the Calendar. You can view the calendar to find when and where an event is scheduled or where there may be conflicts to an event you are planning. When you have determined when & where you wish to have an event, email the office to set up the calendar. Let the office know if it is a recurring event (every 3rd Thursday, e.g.).

Can I create a Group/Tag?

No, but you can notify the office of a Group you would like to create with the names of those to be in it. And you can email the members of your Neighborhood Group or contacts for the various ministry teams or Council!